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Welcome to Shenzhen Topmay Electronic Co.,LTD. and a million thanks for your persistent interest and passionate support to us.

  Established in 1998, and mainly engaged in manufacturing, researching & developing, and dealing in all kinds of computer parts and a whole series capacitors and the other semiconductors, SHENZHEN TOPMAY ELECTRONIC CO., LTD. is an industrial enterprise with independent corporate entity and has its headquarters located at the flourishing center of Shenzhen, a city has been recognized as the frontier of China economy. After years' persistent hard work by all the companions, Topmay has now developed to be a famous electronic company that promotes very quickly with the most advanced technology.

Topmay has two large factories by joint venture. The one in Dongguan produces computer parts, and the other in Jiangsu makes capacitors and the other semiconductors. Years' continuous development now provides us with standard workshop of 23,000 square meters' and 1,448 employees: our Dongguan factory has 12,000 square meters, 6 production lines and 862 employees, while Jiangsu factory has 11,000 square meters, 12 production lines and 586 employees. (Till May 1st, 2005)

Presently, Topmay products mainly include the following two sections:
  (1) The whole series computer parts, such as Mouses, Keyboards, Cases, Power Supply, Lan Cards, VGA Cards, Sound Cards, Internal Fax Modems, USB Cards, 1394 Cards, TV Cards, TV Boxes, Switches, Router, ADSL MODEM, Webcams, and etc. Besides, the newly produced USB Flash Driver and MP3 series now again are welcomed with open arms of our new and old customers from all over the world.
  (2) The whole series capacitors that can be divided into 5 major types of more than 3,000 species. Such as: Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor (Radial, Axial, and SMD), Ceramic Disc Capacitors(Low and High Voltage), Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor (Radial,Axial, and SMD), Film Capacitor (Polyester, Polypropylene and Metallized), Tantalum Capacitor (Radial and SMD), and etc. Among them, Metallized Polypropylene Film X2 Capacitor is the predominant best seller, especially in European and American market.

Topmay holds an idea that the products quality is the life of a company. In order to serve our customers better, and to enhance the products grade, Topmay has invested a lot to the application of kinds of international system and quality certifications, and have achieved the following:ISO9001: 2000, ISO14001, TS16949, Greatwall, CCC, CE, MIC, SA, UL, FCC, TUV, SGS and etc. Topmay insist on a tenet that people should be oriented, efficiency is the priority, quality should be emphasized, and credit is the uppermost. And we try our best to exploit and to innovate, and keep improving our production technology. So now we gradually grow up to be an outstanding one in our industry. Topmay products are of numerous varieties, compete species, super quality, competitive price and stable function, and all of their indexes have reached the international advanced level.

Topmay takes marketing as the key procedure of the company's entire development. One after another, we attend many global electronics fairs that take place in Munich, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. Meanwhile, we get going kinds of driving publication on the well-known B2B websites, such as GlobalSource, Alibaba, Ebay, MadeinChina and etc. All these have surely afforded us a good result, a profound influence, and a continuously expanded clients group. At present, Topmay's business primarily concentrates abroad, more than 65%'s export. Because of the super-quality products, the eminent business reputation, the omnibearing technique service and competitive prices, we have established a stable relationship of good cooperation with overseas customers. Now our products have been sold to many distant places, such as the USA, Canada, Brazil, Germany, England, France, Spain, Turkey, Russia, Poland, Arabia, Bulgaria, Nigeria, Korean, Malaysia, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and etc. Namely, a large scope of overseas market has been successfully occupied.

The human resource is the most precious treasure of an enterprise, and also the key to overcome in this fierce market competition. In the former hard work of starting and holding a business, Topmay keeps carrying out a tenet of respecting the talents, respecting the knowledge, respecting the experience. We try to offer our employees a space of free development and a platform of self-promotion, and to fully exploit each one's potential. For all of these, Topmay now is strong enough to hold any situation at ease even in this market of fierce competition.

The age develops continuously and changes quickly, but Topmay insist on her own belief stably. We will keep fixing on producing and selling the most hightest products, and fixing on providing our esteemed customers with the most enthusiastically thoughtful service. We will make every effort to be outstanding and perfect, and to quickly advance our steps for standing in the rank of international top-grade and high-tech enterprises!

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