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Our positive enterprise culture helps us draw on and maintain the best employees and customers. Since our general manager—Reemon Qi found the company in 1995; trustworthiness, hardworking and innovation enterprise culture has been planting a root of all the Topmay's management activities.

The spirit-customer is highest is the core of all the activities, which also get the most adequate embodiment in our business principles. Once promises something, fulfill it; customer is always the highest. Topmay always consider these principles as the standards in the process in inviting employees and judging the staff's achievement. We make an effort to predict the changing requirement of guests and concentrate on the development of new service to satisfy these needs.

We deeply understand the fierce competition and fast changing, and the reason-proud causes lose, while modest brings benefit. The competition of our profession field is fierce, so we seek and explore the relationship with customers aggressively. However, we never slander our rivals but take orders of fair competition instead. Candor and trustworthiness is the core of our business principles. We expect our staff maintain the same high moral level both on the work and private living.

For the sake of maintaining our competition advantages and satisfy the higher expectation of our guests, the Topmay's enterprise culture is under developing.
We always concentrate on create innovate enterprise culture, including idea innovation, technique innovation, management innovation, products innovation, marketing innovation and selling methods innovation.

Besides these, Topmay require the staff have a strong sense of responsibility attributation toward work and company. For the work we bear, we will seek outstanding with firm determination. Though our business activities has large capacity, if we must chose between quantity and quality, we choose to do the second rather than a huge organization.
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